Who Are We

Three Jamaican entrepreneurs behind SILVER HILL on their first trip together to HOTELEX SHANGHAI 2018

3 Jamaican entrepreneurs reviving SILVER HILL

Founded by Jamaican entrepreneurs with an unwavering passion for two of the world's most exquisite and indulgent delicacies – Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and Ecuadorian Nacional Arriba cocoa, JAMROCK emerges as a distinguished licensee of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and a masterful craft chocolatier specializing in single-estate Ecuadorian Nacional Arriba cocoa.

At the heart of our journey lies the profound commitment to quality and authenticity. As stewards of the prestigious Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee legacy, we embrace the responsibility of preserving this extraordinary coffee's smooth, mild flavor and exceptional aroma. JAMROCK's meticulous care begins from the moment the coffee beans are cultivated in the pristine Blue Mountains of Jamaica, extending through the intricate roasting process, ensuring that each cup genuinely embodies the essence of the island.

In addition to our dedication to the Jamaican coffee heritage, we take great pride in our artistry with the elusive Ecuadorian Nacional Arriba cocoa. This rare cocoa bean, celebrated for its exceptional flavor profile, is meticulously sourced from single-estate farms in Ecuador. At JAMROCK, we seamlessly blend the expertise of chocolatiers with the finest Ecuadorian cocoa, resulting in a diverse range of delectable chocolate products, spanning from rich bars to innovative confections.

Yet, JAMROCK's vision transcends the mere delivery of extraordinary coffee and chocolate. We aspire to become torchbearers of the rich cultural and natural heritage of both Jamaica and Ecuador. With every sip of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and every sumptuous bite of our Ecuadorian Nacional Arriba cocoa chocolates, JAMROCK invites you to embark on a sensory journey, savoring the complex flavors and unique stories that encapsulate the spirit of these two remarkable places. It is a privilege we extend to you, as we celebrate the essence of these exceptional locales through our craft.