As one of the four coffee farms decreed by the Government of Jamaica since 1953, SILVER HILL provides ideal conditions for growing coffee.

Set in sheltered locations below the majestic rain forest, the coffee farm produces the world's finest Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans, handpicked with meticulous care and processed under the control of JACRA ( Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority - formally Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica )

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Ecuadorian Chocolate launched in China market


Ecuadorian Nacional Arriba cocoa, cultivated by Hacienda Zoilita, is renowned for its exceptional quality and unique flavor profile. This heirloom cacao variety is indigenous to Ecuador and is considered one of the finest and most sought-after cocoa beans in the world. Hacienda Zoilita, located in the lush and biodiverse regions of Ecuador, is dedicated to preserving and cultivating this exceptional cacao variety.

The Nacional Arriba cocoa beans from Hacienda Zoilita are known for their distinct floral and fruity notes, which include hints of jasmine, red fruits, and a delightful cocoa aroma. This terroir-driven cocoa is highly valued by artisan chocolatiers and bean-to-bar chocolate makers for its complex flavors, making it a key ingredient in creating premium and exquisite chocolates. Hacienda Zoilita's commitment to sustainable farming and preserving the biodiversity of the region further enhances the reputation of Ecuadorian Nacional Arriba cocoa as a prized and sustainable resource in the world of fine chocolate production.

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